Scrap Car Holiday Money

Ever wanted to visit an Island of your dreams but could never afford the holiday? Soaking up the sun on the silky white sand, dipping your toes into the clear blue sea. Well, there is now a way that potentially you can. If you have a scrap car sitting idle on your drive or garage, why not turn that lump of metal into cool hard cash. Cash that can get you lying on that beach of your dreams.

You may think that an old motor is really not worth anything but you would be wrong in thinking that. Today, there are many companies out there that are willing to pay a nice lump sum for that motor just sat there building rust. Depending on the car in question it could be worth hundreds of pounds. Plus you would be doing your bit for the environment as new car scrapping legislation has now been passed requiring car scrapping companies to comply with new recycling regulations.

I bet you never thought that your clapped out banger could be the vehicle that sends you on the holiday of your dreams. Just shop around the many car scrapage companies to make sure you get the best deal. A simple search on the search engines with display literally hundreds of these companies from which you can choose. So if your thinking about working on that tan, get searching…